Maintenance & Repair

  A business with excellent customer traffic always has a clean, eye-catching and functioning sign displayed. After all, the first impression many customers have about a business is the signage.

  On a sign & lighting maintance and repair job, our sign professionals arrive on site with a fully equipped service vehicle. They will diagnose any problems and deliver the service as quickly as possible to get your sign back in working condition. Our team is also provided with mobile communication. This is for our outside men to effectively communicate with our main office in Painesville. It ensures you, as our customer, the service is being handled at its best ability.

  • General Repair:

    We have 3 day turn around policy on our sign & lighting maintenance and repair jobs.

  • Sign Cleaning:

    Like everything else, signs get dirty. Keep your sign faces clean and they will give off their best light and best impression.

  • Scheduled Maintenance:

    Stay on top of potential outages with regular scheduled service.









  Feel free to e-mail or give us a call to tell us what needs repaired at your business; lighting or on signage. In fact, our office offers 24 hour EMERGANCY SERVICE! If your sign needs urgant attention, don't wait! Give us a call right away and we will be there as soon as possible. We look forward to inform you about our warranty we offer on our work and how we can help your business become noticed!