About Us

  Ruff Neon & Lighting Maintenance, Inc. can trace its beginnings back to the early 1950’s and 1960’s, with Willis Ruff (Thomas’ grandfather) and  Jack Ruff (Thomas' father). Brooks Electric and Buddy Simon Sign Company are where Willis and Jack mastered their skills as sheet metal sign fabricators. Ten years later, in 1970, Thomas Ruff, (owner of Ruff Neon Signs and Lighting Maintance Inc.) became a part time employee at Buddy Sign Company, then took on the full time position in 1979 which lasted until 1989. Thomas began to learn his sign service exerptiese; sign installations, crane operation, lighting and the passionate art of glass blowing. Furthermore, in 1990, Ruff Neon & Lighting Maintenance Inc. was established in a little shop on Ridge Rd. in Cleveland, Ohio. Continuing to grow, Ruff Neon is a proud sign & lighting company with many talents. Everyday, working with pride on every project, we provide a full sign service for our repeating satisfied customers.       

                                         Founders of Ruff Neon Sign and Lighting Maintenance  Kelli Ruff & Tom Ruff.

                Founders of Ruff Neon Sign and Lighting Maintenance, Kelli Ruff & Tom Ruff.